Saturday, 9 November 2013

Loggings of note: 8/11/2013 - Launceston Tasmania

Last night was my first real decent chance to do some ultralight DXing this week due to work and other commitments. The first thing to note from last night was that we had a lot of rain around, even with my enclosed headphones the rain was still quite loud and at times this made hearing the radio signals quite hard. I also had two crazy cats running around the house which didn't help.

As I have spent the last month searching the band and recording these details on my database I now have a really good idea what is normally received here, this means I can now put my time and effort in to validating what I hear and tracking down less powerful / rarer stations. Based on this, last night I was aiming to hear some New Zealand stations. My results are as follows:

567kHz - Radio New Zealand (National) - Wellington.
Receiver: PL606+LOOP
- 95% sure. Content and voices sounded NZ. Was quite weak in the noise at times. 2BH was also audible on this frequency at times.

Receiver: AR1733+LOOP
- 85% sure. Was very down in the noise but what audio I could hear sounded like New Zealand voices and they were carrying a story on a new mining venture in New Zealand. Some audio was cut off by 7PB from Hobart.

1386kHz - Radio Tarana (Indian) - Wellington
Receiver: AR1733+LOOP
- Not as loud as last time I heard it but still enough signal to validate it. Audio totally dropped out at one point but came back quickly.

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