Sunday, 17 November 2013

Out’n About Ultralight Radio DXing - Brady’s Lookout - 16/11/2013

On Saturday the 16th of November 2013 I undertook my first serious ”Out’n About Ultralight Radio DXing” session at Brady’s lookout which is on the Western side of the Tamar River about 17Km from the city of Launceston.

I arrived on site at about 6:25am local time and after negotiating a fallen tree on the track to the top, I found myself overlooking the Tamar River from this excellent location. I setup my camera and took some photos and a short video (see below) before getting in to the purpose of my little session.

From a radio point of view I logged 16 medium wave stations; the furthest being 2EA Newcastle on 1413 kHz. While I didn’t log any really distant or rare stations I was happy with the results and this was a good chance to test this location in preparation for a night time session sometime in the future.

A couple of things which I learnt from this session will help me greatly in the future.
- This location no longer has a seat or table near the top; these have been removed since I was last up there a few years ago. In the future I will be sure to bring a folding chair with me.  I may also look at bring a small folding table with me.
- The case I purchased last week to store / carry my radios is not suitable for this type of use. I had the lid blow away which I had to chase after and I lost two batteries which feel out of it. I have now replaced this with an ABS type hard case with an attached lid.
- The public toilet block does not open until 7am on weekends.
- While shortwave radio is not my main area of interest I did notice some tree which would be suitable for stringing up an aerial for the shortwave bands.


View from the car park

View from the lookout

View from the lookout

View from the lookout


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