Thursday, 30 January 2014

Report - 29/01/2014

Last night (29/01/2013) was the first chance I have had in a little while to have a serious search on the band.  This was also my first serious session with the 7.5” Loopstick Tecsun PL-380 Model which Gary sent me.

Overall the band was performing well with a number of Australian stations coming in at good signals level. One of the main advantages of the new set up is how directional it is which means I am able to null out many local (Tasmanian) stations to a level which allows me to receive other stations on the same frequency or in the case of the powerhouse on 1008kHz which is running 5KW less than 10km from my location, I was able to confirm 2NB from NSW on 999kHz running 2KW. I also was able to hear 2KY on 1017kHz and 7SH St Helens on 1584kHz running 100W.           

Turning to my two "go to frequencies" for New Zealand I was able to receive 1386kHz - Radio Tarana the strongest I have ever heard it. It was showing 26/18 on the PL-380 signal display. Moving down the band to my other good checking frequency of 909kHz I was able to receive Southern Star NZ - Napier at a distance of just over 2500km.

My next target is to try and hit some West Australian and Northern territory stations; the distances for these are up over 3000km.

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