Monday, 21 April 2014

Ultralight DXing Report - Table Cape / Boat Harbour Tasmania

Date: 20/04/2014
Time: 15:30 - 20:45
Location: Table Cape / Boat Harbour Tasmania
Radio: 7.5” Loopstick Tecsun PL-380
Total stations logged: 136
New stations logged: 2- 783kHz (8AL) / 1602kHz (5LC)
Furthest station logged: 1296kHz - 6RN (Wagin) - 2636km
Medium wave radio challenge 2014 Score: 516

Notes: My wife and I have just returned from a nice weekend away at Boat Harbour / Table Cape on the North West coast of Tasmania. After arriving at our accommodation and having a quick lunch we took a trip to the Table Cape lookout / light house where I undertook a quick portable ultralight dxing session, while I did this my wife was taking photos around this area. This was mid afternoon so I was not expecting amazing results; I managed to log 27 stations which I think was a good result. I also took some photos from here (see below)

Next we headed down to Boat Harbour Beach, as we arrived a large storm could be seen up on Table Cape, we timed leaving there very well. My wife again took some photos while I have a listen to the radio, sadly nothing of any interest was logged so I went for a walk with her out and around the point, from here we got some excellent photos. By this time the daylight was almost over so we headed back to our accommodation to have a walk in the gardens before we lost the last light of the day.

Later in the night after dinner, I went and sat outside and undertook a session from the back deck of our accommodation. Here I logged 134 stations, including a large number which I had logged earlier in the afternoon so these have only been included in my loggings once. This location proved to be excellent RF wise and I managed to log two new stations before the rain set in again:
- 783kHz (8AL) Alice Springs (2KW) @ 2210km. This is my first Northern Territory station on an ultralight radio and I have now managed to log a station from every Australian mainland state and territory.
- 1602kHz (5LC) Leigh Creek South (200W) @ 1322km. This is a low power station which I was able to pull out of the noise on this frequency.

Overall this was a very enjoyable weekend away and I hope to get back to this location again in the future. I had planned on heading down to the beach after dark for a portable ultralight dxing session but the rain put a stop to this. Hopefully next time the weather is better.

Full Loggings:
531         3GG       Warragul
540         7SD        Scottsdale
549         2CR        Cumnock
558         7BU        Burnie
567         2BH        Broken Hill
567         4JK         Julia Creek
576         2RN        Sydney
585         7RN        Hobart
594         3WV      Horsham
603         2RN        Nowra
603         4CH        Charleville
612         4QR        Brisbane
621         3RN        Melbourne
630         2PB        Sydney
639         2HC        Coffs Harbour
639         5CK        Port Pirie
648         2NU       Tamworth
657         2BY         Byrock
666         2CN        Canberra
675         2CO        Corowa
684         2KP        Kempsey
693         3AW      Melbourne
693         4KQ        Brisbane
702         2BL         Sydney
711         4QW      Roma/St George
720         3MT       Omeo
729         5RN        Adelaide
738         2NR        Grafton
747         7PB        Hobart
756         3RN        Wangaratta
765         5CC        Port Lincoln
774         3LO        Melbourne
783         6VA        Albany
783         8AL         Alice Springs
792         4RN        Brisbane
801         HPON GOSFORD              Gosford
810         2BA        Bega
819         2GL        Glen Innes
828         3GI         Sale
837         4RK        Rockhampton
846         2RN        Canberra
855         3CR        Melbourne
855         4QB        Pialba
864         4GR        Toowoomba
864         7RPH     Hobart
873         2GB        Sydney
882         3YB         Warrnambool
891         5AN       Adelaide
900         7AD        Devonport
918         2XL         Cooma
927         3UZ        Melbourne
936         7ZR         Hobart
945         HPON BENDIGO               Bendigo
954         2UE        Sydney
963         2RG        Griffith
963         5SE         Mount Gambier
972         2MW     Murwillumbah
972         5PB        Adelaide
981         3HA        Hamilton
990         3RN        Albury/Wodonga
999         2ST         Nowra
1008       HPON Launceston           Launceston
1017       2KY         Sydney
1026       3PB        Melbourne
1035       2EA        Wollongong
1044       2UH       Muswellbrook
1044       5AU       Port Pirie
1053       2CA        Canberra
1062       5MV      Renmark/Loxton
1071       3EL         Maryborough (Vic)
1080       HPON - Hobart  Hobart
1089       3WM     Horsham
1098       4LG        Longreach
1107       2EA        Sydney
1116       3AK        Melbourne
1125       1RPH     Canberra
1125       5MU      Murray Bridge
1134       2AD        Armidale
1134       3CS         Colac
1143       2HD        Newcastle
1152       2WG      Wagga Wagga
1161       5PA        Naracoorte
1170       2CH        Sydney
1179       3RPH     Melbourne
1188       2NZ        Inverell
1197       5RPH     Adelaide
1206       2CC        Canberra
1206       2GF        Grafton
1215       HPON Bowral     Bowral
1224       3EA        Melbourne
1233       2NC        Newcastle
1242       3GV       Sale
1251       2DU       Dubbo
1260       3SR         Shepparton
1269       2SM       Sydney
1278       3EE         Melbourne
1287       2TM       Tamworth
1296       4RPH     Brisbane
1296       6RN        Wagin
1305       5RN        Renmark/Loxton
1314       3BT         Ballarat
1314       HPON    Wollongong
1323       5DN       Adelaide
1332       3SH        Swan Hill
1341       HPON - Geelong               Geelong
1350       2LF         Young
1359       HPON    Mildura/Sunraysia
1368       2GN       Goulburn
1377       3MP       Melbourne
1386       Radio Tarana (Indian)     Henderson
1395       5AA        Adelaide
1404       2PK        Parkes/Forbes
1413       HPON    Shepparton
1422       HPON - Melbourne         Melbourne
1440       1SBS      Canberra
1449       2MG      Mudgee
1458       2PB        Newcastle
1467       3ML       Mildura/Sunraysia
1476       5MG      Mount Gambier
1476       HPON    Penrith
1485       5LN        Port Lincoln
1494       2AY        Albury
1503       3KND     Melbourne
1512       2RN        Newcastle
1521       2QN       Deniliquin
1530       2VM      Moree
1539       HPON    Adelaide
1548       4QD       Emerald
1557       2RE         Taree
1557       HPON    Renmark/Loxton
1566       3NE        Wangaratta
1575       HPON    Wollongong
1584       2EC         Narooma
1593       HPON - Melbourne         Melbourne
1602       3WL       Warrnambool
1602       5LC         Leigh Creek South

Photos: (These were taken by my wife / me)

Link to photos my wife took:

Lookout on the side of the road heading to Table Cape

Driving up the road towards Table Cape

Air Services Australia Tower

Air Services Australia Tower

Me on the Table Cape Lookout doing some ultralight dxing

Heading down the path

Table Cape Light House

Boat Harbour Beach - Looking to Table Cape in the distance

View from the point at Boat Harbour Beach looking towards main land of Australia

Looking out towards Stanley Nut 

Outdoor table on the rear deck

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Ultralight DXing Report - Talbot Road Lookout, Launceston Tasmania

Date: 19/04/2014
Time: 6:55am - 7:30am
Location: Talbot Road Lookout, Launceston
Radio: 7.5” Loopstick Tecsun PL-380
Total stations logged: 38
New stations logged: 0
Furthest station logged: 639kHz - 5CK (Port Pirie) - 1227km
Medium wave radio challenge 2014 Score: 84

Notes: My wife had an early shift at work this morning so I was going to drop her off. As this meant I was going to be up early I decided to make the most of this opportunity and undertake a portable ultralight dxing session. After looking over my list / map I decided on Talbot Road Lookout for this session.

After dropping her off at around 6:45am I headed directly to Talbot Road Lookout, arriving just on 6:55am which was 10 minutes after sunrise. Due to the early time of the day it was very quiet and nobody else was around. As a side note I have used this lookout a number of times in the past when I was involved in the radio scanning hobby. For about 18 months in 2009 and 2010 I used to regularly eat my lunch at this location as it was close to my place of employment at the time. It is a popular spot for doing this. The Talbot Road Lookout has been around for a long time, I can remember visiting it as a young child in the 1980’s. Here is a link to another page about it:

I setup at the top of the lookout and took some photos / videos while I was DXing (see below), while it was fairly quiet here I did have some issues with noise from passing traffic on the road. I also had an older man come up and speak to me from the bottom while I was doing this; he was out walking his dog and we had a quick chat. The metal plate mounted to the top of the lookout provided a good support for my Tecsun PL-380 radio and I found the metal plate had very little effect on the radios RF performance. I also undertook some side by side testing between my 7.5” Loopstick Tecsun PL-380 and my Digitech AR-1733. This showed that both radios work well on the medium wave band with the 7.5” Loopstick Tecsun PL-380 puling in many more stations than the Digitech AR-1733 (as would be expected) I was however surprised to find that for most stations which the 7.5” Loopstick Tecsun PL-380 could hear the Digitech AR-1733 could also hear them, just at a much reduced signal level. I was also surprised by the slightly better audio of the Digitech AR-1733 in this environment.

Beaming towards the East to listen for New Zealand stations didn’t produce any results (not that I was expecting it to). When I turned the radio in the North / North West direction I was very pleased to be able to log 38 stations (full list below) including 2 South Australian stations at over 1000km each. Signals at the bottom of the band were a stand out given the time of day and I suspect if I was to be onsite even half an hour earlier I would be able to improve on my loggings even more. As I moved up the band my results were encouraging with many Victorian and New South Wales stations being heard. By the time I hit 1116kHz this died off with only Victorian stations were heard above this point.

I packed up just on 7:30am as I was keen to get home to have some breakfast. Overall this was a very enjoyable session and I plan to undertake some night / early morning session from this location in the future.

Stations Heard:
531         3GG
540         7SD
558         7BU
576         2RN
585         7RN
594         3WV
603         2RN
621         3RN
630         2PB
639         5CK
666         2CN
693         3AW
702         2BL
729         5RN
747         7PB
756         3RN
765         2EC
774         3LO
801         HPON - GOSFORD
810         2BA
828         3GI
846         2RN
855         3CR
864         7RPH
900         7AD
936         7ZR
1008       HPON - Launceston
1080       HPON - Hobart
1089       3WM
1116       3AK
1224       3EA
1278       3EE
1314       3BT
1332       3SH
1341       HPON - Geelong
1413       HPON - Shepparton
1422       HPON - Melbourne
1503       3KND


Talbot Road Lookout

Looking East, sun rising over Mt Barrow

Looking North towards Launceston CBD, Tamar river and the main land

Looking towards West Launceston, main TV and commercial two way radio towers can be seen in the background

7.5" Tecsun PL-380

Me on the top of the Talbot Road Lookout

7.5" Tecsun PL-380 set up on the top of the Talbot Road Lookout. The sun is rising over Mt Barrow 


Monday, 14 April 2014

Ultralight DXing Report - Launceston Tasmania - 14/04/2014

Date: 14/04/2014
Time: 9am - 11:30am
Location: Trevallyn State Reserve & Freelands Lookout
Radio: 7.5” Loopstick Tecsun PL-380
Total stations logged: 16 (Trevallyn State Reserve) + 18 (Freelands Lookout)
New stations logged: 0
Furthest station logged: 1125 kHz - 1RPH (Canberra) 710km
Medium wave radio challenge 2014 Score: 50

Notes: This morning I headed out for a drive to undertake another portable ultralight dxing session. My plan was to undertake a session from the HOO HOO hut which is located inside the Trevallyn state reserve and then head down to Trevallyn dam for another session.

As I drove in to the Trevallyn state reserve along the main road I noticed a number of parks and wildlife vehicles (who manage this area) and tree removal company trucks parked at the depot. I turned left off the main road and headed to the car parking area near the HOO HOO hut. 

I started to set up for my session at the HOO HOO hut when I noticed that Deadmans Hollow Lookout was only a 5 minute walk away so I decided to head down to that instead.

I had last been down to this lookout a few years ago, since then the track has gotten worse and in spots it is very easy to lose your footing which I did a couple of times heading down. On arriving at the lookout it was very peaceful and I set up for my session. I managed to log 16 medium wave stations plus 2 long wave stations. I also took a couple of photos from this location.

As I walked back up from Deadmans Hollow Lookout I noticed another lookout on the walking track towards the Trevallyn dam, as it was only a short distance along the track I decided to head that way where I got a nice photo of the view.

Back at the car I checked my logs before heading back on to the main road and down towards the Trevallyn dam. As I drove in to the car park I saw the trucks which were parked in the depot as I drove in earlier were now all parked here and they were undertaking some major tree work, while they were well away from the area I wanted to set up the noise from their machinery was very loud so I packed up and headed to one of my favourite previous locations, Freelands Lookout.

When I pulled up in the car park at Freelands Lookout nobody else was around so I set myself up on the stone wall.

I was able to log 18 medium wave stations including a very weak signal from 1RPH on 1125 KHz at a distance of 710km. I also logged two long wave stations at good signal levels (see video below). Just as I was about to pack up a council worker arrived to empty the rubbish bin and we had a bit of a chat, he was very interested in what I was doing and I showed him a few stations I was able to receive. I took some photos and videos from here before packing up and heading home.

Freelands Lookout Communications Hut and Aerials

View from Freelands Lookout looking down the Tamar River 

View from Freelands Lookout looking at the Launceston CBD

7.5" Loopstick Tecsun PL-380

Overall this was a good morning out and about enjoying some autumn sunshine and fresh air. Radio wise Freelands Lookout again proved to be an excellent location and I plan to undertake a night time portable session from there in the near future.


Sunday, 13 April 2014

Long Wave Radio - Launceston, Tasmania

Over the past week I have been spending some time listening to and searching the long wave band for signals using my Tecsun PL-380 ultralight radio.

From my location here in Launceston, Tasmania I have been checking the licensed frequencies off the ACMA database and also searching the whole band. I have found that around sunset (6pm) local time is the best time to hear these signals. 

Tasmanian stations I have logged:
243kHzAirservices NDB Site opp Railway Station Evandale Rd WESTERN JUNCTION
281kHzAirservices NDB Site Devonport Airport DEVONPORT
296kHzPalana Road 1km South East of Airport WHITEMARK
302kHz Airservices NDB Site Reservoir Drive WYNYARD
374kHzTea Tree Road TEA TREE

While searching the band I have found I am also able to easily / regularly hear:
350kHzDefence NDB Site RAAF Base EAST SALE 

The signal on this frequency is very strong and is a very easy copy day and night.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

My worst ultralight radio ever - Digitech Audio AR1736

Recently I purchased this radio from Jaycar in Hobart, thinking it would make a good backup receiver, it was a huge mistake.
The video below shows just one example of how poorly it preforms. The station on 1008 kHz is a 5KW station about 10 KM from my home. As can be seen in the video it is audible up to 30 kHz below and over 100 kHz above the correct frequency. Using the Digitech Audio AR1736 of a night time is a waste of time as all you are able to hear is a mix of frequencies.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

This makes me glad I can DX with no external aerial

I have copied and highlighted a key part of this post, I think it rings true with a lot of radio type people.

"It's things like this which make me feel slightly disillusioned about the whole hobby. While DXing is straight-forward enough, the hobby is considered slightly off the beaten track by most people and downright weird to some. I dread to think what the neighbours will think to a rotating aerial once it is erected. Will it attract unwanted attention? This was highlighted very nicely at the previous address. Even children would stop me in the street to ask what the aerial was and what I was listening to with it. That makes a change from people thinking I am a spy or working for the police - yes, that happens too. The problem I have is that it all leaves me feeling quite isolated and 'different'. An unwanted centre of attention."


Ultralight DXing Report - Launceston Tasmania - 9/4/2014

Date: 09/04/2014
Time: 5:50am - 6:25am
Location: Home, Launceston Tasmania
Radio: 7.5” Loopstick Tecsun PL-380
Total stations logged: 75
New stations logged: 0
Furthest station logged: 612kHz - 4QR Brisbane. 1644km
Medium wave radio challenge 2014 Score: 89

Notes: This morning I was awake early so I undertook a pre-sunrise ultralight dxing session. Band conditions were very good with good to excellent signal levels from most stations. I did notice a number of NSW / SA stations mostly between 1000km and 1500km were missing and those just below this had much weaker signals than what I had expected. I did a quick check of my two New Zealand check frequencies (909kHz and 1386kHz), both showed some very weak audio peaking in and out of the band noise but not enough to be able to add them to the logs. I managed to log 75 stations total, a breakdown of these by state:
ACT - 6
NSW - 21
QLD - 1
SA - 6
TAS - 10
VIC - 31

Out of these stations, 4QR from Brisbane was a bit of a surprise and peaked with good audio towards the end of my session, right before sunrise. I suspect if I had of kept listen I would have been able to add a couple more stations but domestic duties and work meant I had to end the session, my plan for the future is to aim for some more sessions around this time of the morning.

Overall it was a very enjoyable session and a good use of having woken up early.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Ultralight Radio DXing Report - 07/04/2014

Date: 07/04/2014
Time: 19:20 - 20:25
Location: Home, Launceston Tasmania
Radio: 7.5” Loopstick Tecsun PL-380
Total stations logged: 163
New stations logged: 603 - 4CH / 612 - 6RN / 720 - 6WF / 846 - 4EL / 882 - 6PR / 936 - 4PB / 1116 - 4BC / 1332 - 4BU
Furthest station logged: 612kHz - 6RN (Dalwallinu) - 2994KM
Medium wave radio challenge 2014 Score: 363

Notes: Last night was my first ultralight dxing session since we changed over from day light saving time. In the hour I was listening I managed to log 163 stations including 8 new stations and 10 New Zealand stations. The time difference due to day light saving also meant that signals from Queensland and West Australian were really booming in, the best I have ever heard them which accounts for all the new stations I managed to log.

Monday, 7 April 2014

My Wives Latest Photos

PR4AmateurRadio Expo

Information sourced from:

PR4AmateurRadio Expo will take place on April 11-13, 2014

The WIA is strongly behind this Expo which harnesses its many affiliates as they showcase the benefits of modern amateur radio and engage the community. A commitment of up to 12 hours is being sought on a day by them.

Like other promoted activities people do better understand, appreciate and may join them. The promotion of amateur radio relies on having the right messages and trained radio amateurs to effectively give them. Apart from having knowledgeable radio amateurs on hand, please also consider that they should reflect the community by their different age groups, both sexes, and that they are trained in what to say on the day.

At all times act and look professional. For the best image a display must be neat, tidy, and always safe. This is an excellent opportunity to expose the public to the many diverse positive elements of amateur radio and how
it fits into the community. Part of the effort should be designed to get people interested in and taking up amateur radio. It helps to have Foundation Licence training and assessments ready to go after Easter giving those attending the Expo or reading about it in the local newspaper a chance to give us a try.

The choice of a location is important to give amateur radio good exposure to the public. The opportunities exist, however it does require advance planning including site owner approvals. The guidelines and other details about how to join for the PR4AmateurRadio Expo will be issued later.


To publicise modern and diverse amateur radio that is easily accessible to people from all walks of life. Through exhibitions, showcase the very diverse hobby enjoyed by those of all ages, gender and ability. On air support may be given by WIA Directors, Office-bearers and members.


The weekend of April 11, 12 & 13 April 2014 gives the choice of using any time on the Friday, Saturday or Sunday. A public event on one of those days should provide good exposure for the hobby. 


Now invited on the form on the webpage. After the Expo send a report of the event to the WIA to receive a Certificate of Appreciation. Each Foundation Licence holder having contributed to the Expo, and proven media coverage, will be recognised.


The Expo is open to all, either being part of a dedicated small team at a public exhibition or on the air. 


A number of people (at least four) must interact with the public and supervise equipment. A dedicated person is responsible for site safety including EMR limits and electrical distribution. Where possible try to use renewal energy sources and a variety of modes to show portability and range of activity.

Clubs or groups are responsible for obtaining any required permits or permission to operate at their chosen place. Ideally this will be in a public place to show off our hobby, but may also form a publicised open day at a club.

A sign in visitors book is highly recommended to provide follow-up contact opportunity. A planned Foundation Licence class is an additional talking point. The event must include a public information table which promotes amateur radio. Posters and other promotional material may be used.

By registering you agree to be bound by the guidelines on the conduct of the Expo, site safety, public liability insurance, and the final decision of the WIA on the interpretation of the guidelines and the outcome.


Expo stations are to log each contact. Separate logs are needed for each transmitter. To show that our diverse hobby uses different modes these are encouraged where possible. A voice station will adequately show what we do, but also consider the use of either FM repeaters, IRLP, EchoLink, or digital modes.

Evidence and logs

To measure success of the Expo a record of activity will be gathered by the WIA. A submission may simply tell of the activity including the names/callsigns of the individual radio amateurs who ran it.

For those wanting to make a more detailed submission may include photographs (up to four), the number of visitors, potential class enrolees, contacts logged (mode break-down if possible) and media coverage.

This information can also be ideal for club's websites and newsletters to show members how it promotes the hobby.

Send to: PR4AmaterRadio Expo, Wireless Institute of Australia, PO Box 2042, Bayswater, Victoria, 3153. It is recommended that large submissions are easily identifiable files on CD or DVD media. The email address is

It is highly recommended that you keep a copy. Each submission will receive a certificate of participation. At the discretion of the WIA Board a submission may be endorsed for its contribution.

Remember the Expo is not a competition, but an opportunity for everyone whether at a public display or on the air, to show amateur radio to the public.


The following people or groups have registered to participate in PR4AmateurRadio Expo. Click each event to see further details.

Group NameSiteSuburb
The RadioActivesRuffey ParkDoncaster VICView Details
Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society IncBelair National ParkBelair SAView Details
Summerland amateur Radio ClubLismore CBD - Lismore Public LibraryLismore NSWView Details
The Townsville Amateur Radio Club Inc.Jaycar TownsvilleWest End QLDView Details
Bundaberg Amateur Radio ClubBundaberg Recreational PrecinctBundaberg QLDView Details
Robert Broomhead (WIA Director)Kilsyth South Car Boot saleKilsyth South VICView Details
EMDRCJells ParkWheelers Hill VICView Details
Ipswich District Radio clubClub HouseIpswich QLDView Details
Yarra Valley Amateur Radio GroupJaycar RingwoodRingwood VICView Details
Fred Swainston (WIA Director)ToolangiToolangi VICView Details
Shepparton and District Amateur Radio ClubShepparton ShowgroundsShepparton VICView Details
Victorian ARDF GroupWesterfolds ParkTemplestowe VICView Details
Melbourne Electronics Radio ClubBunnings Water GardensTaylors Lakes VICView Details
Central Queensland Amateur Radio Association Inc.Jaycar RockhamptonRockhampton QLDView Details
Julie VK3FOWL and Joe VK3YSPBunnings WarehouseSouth Oakleigh VICView Details
Phil WaitVK2ASDKenthurst NSWView Details
Roger HarrisonOut of town shackKenthurst NSWView Details

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Ultralight DXing Report - Mt George / Low Head, Tasmania

Date: 05/04/2014
Time: 9:40am - 11:30am
Location: Mt George Lookout / Low Head light house
Radio: 7.5” Loopstick Tecsun PL-380
Total stations logged: 34 - Mt George. 38 - Low Head
New stations logged: 0
Furthest station logged: 963kHz - 5SE (Mount Gambier) - 664km
Medium wave radio challenge 2014 Score: 144

Notes: This morning my wife and I headed for a drive down to Mt George near Georgetown and Low Head, her to take photos ( and me to undertake another portable ultralight dxing session. We left home just before 9am and headed down the West Tamar highway before turning off and heading across the Batman Bridge where it crosses the Tamar River.

Just before Georgetown we turned right and drove the 2km to the car park of the Mt George lookout. We parked the car and headed on foot to the top of the lookout. From this location you have a very good view of the surrounding area which is great for photography. While my wife was taking photos I undertook a portable ultralight dxing session on the top of the lookout where I logged 34 stations which were a mix of Tasmania and Victorian stations.

On leaving Mt George we headed in to Georgetown for some much needed food and refreshments. We then headed out to the Low Head light house which is the most Northern point on the eastern side of the Tamar River. We walked down to the water line over the rocks and then followed this around to the Western side of the light house. I found a nice spot to set up while my wife went off to take some photos.

From this location I logged 38 stations including 5SE (Mount Gambier) on 963kHz at a distance of 664km. Overall this spot proved to be a much better location than the Mt George lookout, it would make an excellent night time DXing location except for the fact that the gates are locked at 5pm each day. I suspect that parking outside the gates and walking in would be possible if a group of other people could be found to also do this with me.

At this point we packed up and headed back to Launceston, this time straight back down the East Tamar highway. Overall it was a very enjoyable morning and both locations proved worthwhile for possible use again in the future.



 View for Mt George Lookout

 View for Mt George Lookout

View for Mt George Lookout

Standing on top of the lookout

Ultralight DXing with the Tecsun PL-380

View for Mt George Lookout towards Low Head with my wife.

Mt George Lookout

Mobile phone / EDACS network / microwave linking / Commercial two way towers - Mt George

Caught having a snack

Portable ultralight dxing set up - Low Head Light House

Portable ultralight dxing set up - Low Head Light House

Portable ultralight dxing set up - Low Head Light House

Portable ultralight dxing set up - Low Head Light House

Portable ultralight dxing set up - Low Head Light House

Tecsun PL-380

Tecsun PL-380

A happy ultralight dxer

Making one of my videos

Walking back to the car


}, 10);