Wednesday, 9 April 2014

This makes me glad I can DX with no external aerial

I have copied and highlighted a key part of this post, I think it rings true with a lot of radio type people.

"It's things like this which make me feel slightly disillusioned about the whole hobby. While DXing is straight-forward enough, the hobby is considered slightly off the beaten track by most people and downright weird to some. I dread to think what the neighbours will think to a rotating aerial once it is erected. Will it attract unwanted attention? This was highlighted very nicely at the previous address. Even children would stop me in the street to ask what the aerial was and what I was listening to with it. That makes a change from people thinking I am a spy or working for the police - yes, that happens too. The problem I have is that it all leaves me feeling quite isolated and 'different'. An unwanted centre of attention."


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