Monday, 14 April 2014

Ultralight DXing Report - Launceston Tasmania - 14/04/2014

Date: 14/04/2014
Time: 9am - 11:30am
Location: Trevallyn State Reserve & Freelands Lookout
Radio: 7.5” Loopstick Tecsun PL-380
Total stations logged: 16 (Trevallyn State Reserve) + 18 (Freelands Lookout)
New stations logged: 0
Furthest station logged: 1125 kHz - 1RPH (Canberra) 710km
Medium wave radio challenge 2014 Score: 50

Notes: This morning I headed out for a drive to undertake another portable ultralight dxing session. My plan was to undertake a session from the HOO HOO hut which is located inside the Trevallyn state reserve and then head down to Trevallyn dam for another session.

As I drove in to the Trevallyn state reserve along the main road I noticed a number of parks and wildlife vehicles (who manage this area) and tree removal company trucks parked at the depot. I turned left off the main road and headed to the car parking area near the HOO HOO hut. 

I started to set up for my session at the HOO HOO hut when I noticed that Deadmans Hollow Lookout was only a 5 minute walk away so I decided to head down to that instead.

I had last been down to this lookout a few years ago, since then the track has gotten worse and in spots it is very easy to lose your footing which I did a couple of times heading down. On arriving at the lookout it was very peaceful and I set up for my session. I managed to log 16 medium wave stations plus 2 long wave stations. I also took a couple of photos from this location.

As I walked back up from Deadmans Hollow Lookout I noticed another lookout on the walking track towards the Trevallyn dam, as it was only a short distance along the track I decided to head that way where I got a nice photo of the view.

Back at the car I checked my logs before heading back on to the main road and down towards the Trevallyn dam. As I drove in to the car park I saw the trucks which were parked in the depot as I drove in earlier were now all parked here and they were undertaking some major tree work, while they were well away from the area I wanted to set up the noise from their machinery was very loud so I packed up and headed to one of my favourite previous locations, Freelands Lookout.

When I pulled up in the car park at Freelands Lookout nobody else was around so I set myself up on the stone wall.

I was able to log 18 medium wave stations including a very weak signal from 1RPH on 1125 KHz at a distance of 710km. I also logged two long wave stations at good signal levels (see video below). Just as I was about to pack up a council worker arrived to empty the rubbish bin and we had a bit of a chat, he was very interested in what I was doing and I showed him a few stations I was able to receive. I took some photos and videos from here before packing up and heading home.

Freelands Lookout Communications Hut and Aerials

View from Freelands Lookout looking down the Tamar River 

View from Freelands Lookout looking at the Launceston CBD

7.5" Loopstick Tecsun PL-380

Overall this was a good morning out and about enjoying some autumn sunshine and fresh air. Radio wise Freelands Lookout again proved to be an excellent location and I plan to undertake a night time portable session from there in the near future.




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