Sunday, 30 November 2014

Portable Ultralight DXing Session - Queechy Lake

On Saturday afternoon I spent an hour sitting at Queechy Lake undertaking a portable Ultralight DXing session. This was my first portable Ultralight DXing session since April. I had a couple of spare hours and felt like trying a new location so late yesterday afternoon around 4.30pm I headed down to Queechy Lake, I grew up close to this location so know the area well and spent my childhood playing in this park.

In the hour I spent listening to the band I logged 17 stations using my 7.5" loopstick Tecsun PL-380, these were mostly around the bottom half of the band with signals dropping off above 900kHz. Full details are below:

531 3GG
540 7SD
558 7BU
585 7RN
594 3WV
621 3RN
693 3AW
747 7PB
774 3LO
828 3GI
855 3CR
864 7RPH
900 7AD
936 7ZR
1008 HPON - Launceston
1080 HPON - Hobart
1341 HPON - Geelong

Overall this was a very enjoyable session and a good way to get back in to portable operation. Photos and a video are below.

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