Friday, 7 August 2015

7.5" Portable Loopstick and New Portable Case

During my last portable ultralight DXing session ( I had to report that "Sadly half way down the steps my carry case slipped off my shoulder and smashed against some rocks, the latch broke clean off and the contents including my radios and accessories went flying, I was able to find them all and only my AR-1733 suffered some minor scratches."

Earlier this week I went to grab my 7.5" loopstick PL-380 for some DXing at home, when I lifted it out of my carry case the loopstick fell clean off and ripped the wire connections off the mainboard, at that point I came up on DXing for the night and instead watched some television. I think this was a result of the fall it had last weekend. The next day I arrived at work to find that my PL-360 had finally arrived. 

Over the past few nights I have been using my PL-360, the results with the "standard" loop aerial are not impressive. Based on this I came up with the idea to add a 3.5mm connector to my 7.5" loopstick aerial to see how this would preform. Below are some photos of my new carry case and the portable version of the 7.5" loopstick. From my limited testing so far the results are very promising. This new smaller case holds the PL-360 plus both aerials, ear phones and spare batteries, this is all I need for most session with my larger bag holding my other radios and other accessories.

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